The 3rd year of EPITA is THE year when the learning of real C programming begins.

In order to learn C, we have one or more mini-projects every week during the whole semester.

  • Libstream
  • Minimake
    • GNU Make-like software on UNIX
  • MyReadISO
    • Read ISO files and browse it within a custom shell
  • Malloc
    • Custom allocator
    • Implementation using binary-buddies
  • Formula One
    • AI
    • Self-driving formula one car
    • Pathfinding
    • Bezier curves
  • myHTTPd
    • Multi-threaded HTTP server (epoll, pthreads, etc.)
  • 42sh
    • Bash-like POSIX shell
  • FlatSet
    • A C++ set container, based on a sorted std::vector
    • C++14